What is an Amazon Repricing Software?

Amazon Repricer Software is a tool that automatically adjusts your listing price on Amazon.com based on rule sets that have been embedded to the logic of the algorithm or set by you.

Repricer AI is a second-generation Repricer AI algorithm that is based on machine learning and trained with millions of repricing decisions. So it doesn’t need your input much, it knows what it needs to do to get more buy box and maximize your revenue.

Why do you need an Amazon Repricer Software?

Because an Amazon Repricer Softwares can manage your price automatically based on demand and how your sales are going.

It’s a common question we receive in our outbound marketing campaigns, mostly from private labeling Amazon Sellers. Whether you are doing FBA, Private labeling or dropshipping, you will still need to manage your price and by managing your price you can maximize your profit.

If you are private labeling, gradually changing the price range matters as it can affect your sales velocity.

We know there is an emotional barrier on consumers buying some products. Such as a product being listed for $9.20 can be seen differently by a segment of consumers than $12.05. Surprisingly this is not just one more decimal point in your price it can affect your store’s selling velocity. Your competitors might be in another price range that the audience is feeling more comfortable affording which means they will get more ranking and reviews. They will show up higher on the search results and you will end up losing sales or spending more money on marketing.

Let’s say you are not private labeling. Why do you need a repricer if you are selling on FBA or Dropshipping?

When you are dropshipping or doing FBA, you can compete with people, so you need to compete with them with your price besides your ratings and performance.

What if you are not competing with anyone?

If you are the only person on the ASIN, or private labeling you will still need to manage your price. If the sales are going great and your product is more exposed, why you need to sell at a lower price? Do you have time as an Amazon Seller to go into each of your products and apply pricing strategies based on daily, weekly or monthly trends?

As you know Sellercentral provides a free repricer as well. We are planning to release a blog article about that as well but the summary would be pretty plain: It doesn’t increase your price because Amazon wants to have more sales at lower prices since they also have competitors.

You need an Amazon Repricer just like any other Amazon Seller. Repricer AI is built with machine learning and designed to track sales trends, maximize your revenue while giving you the buy box, non-stop.

Create your free 14-day trial account today and give Repricer AI a shot. You will see the results in minutes.

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