Activating Repricer AI on Seller Central

After you create your account on register page login to Repricer AI from the register page, or go directly to the app to log in by clicking here.

After you log in, you see the message on the top of the page which tells you to go to the Settings page.

If there is any problem related with the Amazon sync, you can see them in this section

On the left menu find Settings page or go to the settings page by clicking here

Find Enable Marketplaces section and choose your primary marketplace. After you authorize the primary marketplace, if you want, you can enable other marketplaces later. Press Enable button and your browser will navigate to Seller Central.

You can authorize Repricer AI on seller central using this section.

Seller Central will load the consent page where it shows the permissions we will need. Check the checkbox and press Confirm button.

We will start importing your listing data after you authorize us

You then will be redirected to Repricer AI and you can see that Repricer AI is authorized:

You can enable repricing other marketplaces as well but this might increase total number of SKUs you are pricing and change the plan you are subscribed to.

On the header of the page, you can switch marketplaces. If your seller account is set up in a way that all the SKUs are listed in Mexico (or any other marketplace) automatically with increased shipping price, you don’t need to manage min – max prices for those, as it’s going to inherit the primary marketplace. If you want to manage min max separately, you can switch to those and manage them in Repricer AI as well.

After you authorize us, it takes 15 – 20 minutes for us to import all the initial data we need to start repricing. After that you should set min – max prices for all the SKUs you want to reprice.

You can do that in 4 different ways:

  1. One by one using SKUs page for each SKU
  2. Using Excel upload
  3. Using Min Max Update module to set up min – max prices by multiplying coefficients with your current price
  4. Using Dynamic Min Max for Groups module to do the same

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