After you click to a block on the dashboard (such as ON BUY BOX section) you can see all the SKUs in a modal dialog.

Your dashboard is where you can see our pricing performance and your current pricing status. On the chart on the right, you can see repricing statistics with quantity sold. After you enable Repricer AI on seller central, it will take some time for us to import your data and start repricing. After an hour, based on number of SKUs you have, you can see your performance on the dashboard.

On the left, you can see Current Performance section which shows number of SKUs which are on the buy box and are in progress.

In Progress means that buy box price is currently within the range and Repricer AI can reach there and there is possibility to win the buy box.

Can’t Compete is probably the most important section that you should focus on initially. Can’t Compete means you are on your minimum price and you are not able to get the buy box (which means seller has an advantage over you such as lower shipping days, FBA status when you are merchant, or has buy box eligibility when you don’t have it, or you have lower performance rating compared to the buy box seller)

85% of the sales are generated by the Buy Box seller. Using Min Max Update module or Dynamic Min Max for Groups module you can bulk update your min – max prices and make them closer to the buy box and even reduce them gradually with an interval you define.

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