Entering Min Max Prices manually

You can edit the SKU, min-max prices manually by locating the SKU and pressing edit button. You can find the SKU on Dashboard, or search it in on the top of the page, or go to the SKUs page and use the search filters on the page:

Click to the SKU name to open the detail modal dialog.
Click to the magnifier icon to see the search text-box

You can also go to SKUs page on the left and search for the SKU there using filters, and click to the detail button on the right:

You can see your SKUs and search within the SKU list on SKUs module.

Alternatively, you can click to the SKU on the Home page.

When you open the SKU Details, you see the window below:

SKU detail page is where you can update min & max prices, assign groups, and enter costs for your SKUs. You can also track pricing history on the same page.

Here you can change Repricer Type (you can choose Fixed Pricing or Min Max), then you enter the value. You can also disable repricing from the same dropdown. On the right, you can choose “Exclude From Bulk Min Max Updates“; if you are using Bulk Min Max Update functionality (Min Max Update or Dynamic Min Max modules), the price you enter will not get overridden.

You can also assign a SKU to a group on the same window.

If you want to calculate margin, you can enter product cost, FBA Program (if SKU is a FBA SKU), and Shipping & Handling costs.

If SKU is FBA, you can enter your average cost to ship and package one SKU to FBA warehouse as we are calculating FBA costs for you, so no need to include that.

If your SKU is not FBA, you can enter average shipping and handling cost.

When you are done, press Update.

You can also see Current Sellers, Repricing History, and Buy Box History on the same page.

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