You can segment your SKUs on manually and dynamically on Repricer AI. You can create a regular group, and assign SKUs to this category using the app, or Excel upload, or you can create a dynamic group with filters. Based on how these groups are created and ordered, SKUs are going to be assigned to the dynamic groups.

You can use Min Max Update module and Dynamic Min Max Prices for Groups modules to set up different min – max prices for these groups. Or you can create custom repricing logic, or add fine tuning settings to a group.

Let’s start creating a group:

Go to Groups page and press Create New:

To create a regular group, just enter name and description and press save:

A SKU can be assigned to this SKU using SKU detail page or Excel upload.

Dynamic groups

Dynamic groups are really powerful. On the create screen, check dynamic group switch to enable dynamic grouping

When you visit a group, you can see the SKUs assigned to this group.

There might be several groups targeting the same subset of SKUs. You can use Move Up button to prioritize a group, so it imports the SKU first. Then you can edit other groups and choose “Exclude SKUs in Following Groups” option to exclude the SKUs that you don’t want to exists in any other category.

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