Using Excel Upload

You can download your inventory and change min-max price, group name, and other attributes by uploading it back. To download the list of SKUs, go to SKUs page and Update Using Excel Upload tab.

You can download the file by clicking Download and upload it back on the same screen on the bottom of the dialog. On the excel file you can edit the following fields:

  • RepricerAIGroup: Assigns the SKU to a group (creates the group if it doesn’t exist)
  • MinPrice: Changes min price
  • MaxPrice: Changes max price. Use US currency formatting: “10.12” without currency symbols.
  • FixedPrice: Sets fixed price for the SKU. If filled, min and max needs to be blank. If you use min and max prices, fixed price should be blank.
  • DoShare: Obsolete functionality. Value can be Y or N.
  • DisableReprice: Disables repricing for this SKU. Value can be Y or N.
  • MapPrice: Sets the map price for the SKU and min price can’t be ever below this price (optional)
  • ProductCost: Your product cost for a single quantity
  • HandlingCostForMerchantFulfillment: If SKU is merchant fulfilled, your average shipping + packaging cost for a single quantity of SKU
  • HandlingCostForFBAFulfillment: If SKU is FBA, your average shipping & packaging cost for a single product from your warehouse to Amazon Warehouse. We pull the FBA costs automatically
  • FBAMode: If SKU is FBA, enter your FBA type FBA_CORE, FBA_SNL, FBA_EFN
  • ExcludeFromBulkMinMaxUpdate: Y or N. If checked, disables this SKU from having the min-max price changes if you are using Min Max Update module, or Dynamic Min Max for Groups.

After you are done updating the Excel file, on the same modal, you can choose the file, and press upload button.

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